Vital statistics
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Gender Male
Affiliation Virtuous Beasts
Species Ambelodon
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Domain Forest
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Titanimus (Tight-ahn-eh-moos) Base Creature: Ambelodon Alignment: Good Category: Forest/Plants Features: Enormously strong, has four elephantine legs. Humanoid torso stems from lower body. Arms are far from vestigal, and are capable of performing fairly complicated tasks, lifting, thrashing, and strangling among them. Teeth are capable of inflicting deep puncture wounds, even in shallow stone.

Titanimus once took no sides due to his lack of good judgement. Because of his poor vision and small brain, Titanimus eventually assumed that everybody but himself was evil and deceptive. He began going on blind rampages until the good gods decided to imprison him. Titanimus was shut in a cave, much to his dismay, and he cursed the good gods for dooming him forever. However, Titanimus was introduced to chemical compounds in the cave's atmosphere that greatly improved his vision. Soon, the good gods released a delighted Titanimus who agreed to repay them in any way that he could. Now the trees are his responsibility, and he is much more careful where he places his feet. When the woods become too dense, Titanimus uses his large teeth to uproot the un-needed trees, which he eats so as not to waste them. 

Non-Canon and Creation Edit

This god was created by manwith0name for the War of the Gods poster.