Vital statistics
Deity of Greed / Deals / Scavengers
Gender Male
Affiliation Destructive Beasts
Species pterasaur / theropod / vulture hybrid
Length 30ft (Wing Span)
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Domain Cave Deep in Urth
Tribe Color Black

Throshti, the god of Carrion, only helps if you do something in return. He gives humans only one chance- sometimes two- to prove themselves, and if they fail, their souls are then cast into Hell. When Chaos prayed to him, Throshti told Chaos that if he killed the other gods of Urth, he would restore Chaos to his former glory. But if Chaos should die in a way that is weak, then Throshti would not give Chaos another chance and will send his soul to Hell for eternity. Chaos agreed to the terms and was sent into battle.

Non-Canon and Creation Part: Edit

AKA CARRION - God of Greed. Among the gods of Urth, few are as loathsome as the winged Carrion. While rarely preferring to fight the other gods himself, Carrion is almost always seen after a battle, laying claim to almost anything he can find. Besides scavenging for food (usually human corpses, but he always hopes to find a fallen god), Carrion will collect nearly anything he can get his beak on - bones, rocks, tree trunks, debris from statues and ruins, gold and metals, and more. 

Somewhere deep within Urth, there is a cavern that Carrion has filled with this 'treasures', and he guards it furiously. Apart from this cave, Carrion has no true home. Unlike the other gods, Carrion has no territory to his name, and instead roosts among the various mountaintops across the globe.

When Carrion does fight, he can more than hold his own. His massive, clawed feet are capable of powerful kicks, and his sharp beak has snapped at more than one unwelcome guest. Carrion's quest for trinkets is usually hampered by the presence of other gods, so Carrion has finally decided to conquer Urth and the gods that inhabit it, so that every continent, and the treasures they hold, will all be his.

This pterasaur/theropod/vulture hybrid was created by OperaGhost21, suffice to say this character has a lot of similarities with Throshti, it is obvious that Carrion fits the profile as listed above since Carrion is a God of Greed and could possibly enjoy having souls like Chaos.