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Vital statistics
Deity of Survival, Protection, Harmony, Air
Gender Male
Affiliation Virtuous
Species "Raptor"
Length 30 feet
Height 16 feet
Weight 0.9 tons
Rage Factor +109.77%
Consumption Rate 408 lbs. per day
Domain The Strip
Tribe Color Light Gray
Dark Gray

Talon is in his most vicious state when it comes to the defense of his raptor clan. Before the Cataclysms, Talon's home was peaceful and harmonious, but now Talon and his followers have been thrust into an unfamiliar life of power struggles, battling between tribes and dino-beasts. On the new Urth, Talon stands ready to take on any dino-beast threatening his people.


The god of Survival. He is identified as a "Raptor" on his action figure's toy packaging, and closely resembles the Velociraptors from "Jurassic Park", which had been released just the year before. Talon is the patriarch of a huge family of raptors and is fiercely protective of it, and it is for their sake that he plunges into the war. Talon is the fastest character in the game and an excellent jumper. Talon is also the shortest character, and numerous ranged attacks by taller enemies will simply miss him. He is the only character in the game who does not have a projectile attack. His domain is the Strip, and his worshipers are dressed in grey.

Special Moves[]

Move Description Type of Move Press:
Brain Basher Talon flips in the air and lands on the opponent's head. Hold joystick toward or away to determine which way Talon flips off. Leaping Attack Hold 2+3; move joystick Away-Up-Toward
Pounce & Flip Talon runs forward, steps three times on his opponent, and flips off. 3-hit move. Anti-projectile Hold 2+3; move joystick Toward-Down-DownToward
Frantic Fury Talon becomes a blur of claws and creeps toward opponent. Keep holding the buttons to make it continue longer. Anti-air Hold 1+4; move joystick Down-Toward
Slasher Two fierce slashes, but only hits once. Most projectiles pass harmlessly through him. Anti-air Hold 1+3+4; move joystick Down-Toward
Face Ripper Talon jumps on the opponent and bites his face several times, although this move counts as only one combo hit. Unblockable Hold 2+4; move joystick Down-Toward
Jugular Bite Talon jumps onto opponent and chomps his neck. 2-hit move. Unblockable Hold 2+4; move joystick Away, Toward
Run Forward/Back: Talon can run toward or away very fast. Generic Hold 1+3; hold joystick Toward or Away
Chomp a Human Talon scoops up a worshipper in his front claws and devours him (or her). Generic Hold all buttons; move joystick Toward, Down, Away


Move Description Type of Move Press:
Heart Wrenching Talon walks up to the opponent, cuts him open with his lower claws, rips his heart out in disembowelment, and eats it. Finishing Hold 1+3+4; move joystick Toward-Down-Away-Up-Toward-Down-Away-Up
Shredder Talon does a Frantic Fury around his enemy until the victim is horribly mangled. Finishing Hold 1+4; move joystick Toward-Down-Away-Up
Stampede Talon whistles, and a stampede of young Raptors shred up the fallen opponent. (Version 2.3 only) Finishing Hold all buttons; tap joystick Toward, Away, Up, Down


For eons, Talon was a great chief of a Raptor clan on a hidden South Pacific island. When the great meteor rearranged the continents, Talon's island was brought in contact with the mainland. Wanting to ensure the safety of his wives and children, he set off to eliminate all dangers of the clan's welfare.

Now Raptors live a life of luxury, and humans are kept as cattle or hunted as sport while Raptors lounge about in the sunshine. His clan is completely safe, and Talon will be happy until the newcomers arrive...


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