Vital statistics
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Gender Male
Affiliation Virtuous
Species Weretiger
Length Unknown
Height 15 feet
Weight 0.8 tons
Rage Factor 111.79%
Consumption Rate Unknown
Domain Unknown
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When the Urth trembles beneath your feet, Slash Fang must be near! His greatest Dino-beast assets: his honor, bravery - and his ability to tear and rend his opponents with his signature Sabretooth Claw Attack! Confident that there would be no honor in fighting enemies inferior to himself, Slash Fang was dormant in the beginning years following the Cataclysm. But now he beholds Necrosan, an enemy worthy only in the vile disgust he unveils in Slash Fang! It is only a matter of time before an apocalypse of claws and jaws is unleashed in a final battle!

Slash Fang is one of the intended playable characters in the cancelled Primal Rage 2. Unlike Necrosan, Slash Fang was around during the events of Primal Rage, though chose to be neutral. His avatar's name is Xiao Ming. Although the game never came to be, he still had an action figure and appeared in the novel Primal Rage: the Avatars, where he had a black and yellow color scheme.


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