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Vital statistics
Deity of Hunger, Thirst, Eternity, the Sun
Gender Male
Affiliation Virtuous
Species Tyrannosaurus rex
Length 27 feet
Height 20 feet
Weight 2.5 tons
Rage Factor +149.6%
Consumption Rate 780 lbs. per day
Domain The Cove
Tribe Color Purple

For some dino-beasts, immortality comes at a price. For Sauron, the cost is nothing less than an insatiable appetite. From his first appearance on the new Urth, as one of the Virtuous Beasts, he attracted many believers. With his mighty jaw, they believed him to be the most powerful among the barbaric behemoths. All of Urth is the battlefield for Sauron, as he towers into war after war, in his quest for domination! Waging war with the primal titans is what Sauron lives for, for in their defeat is tomorrow's lunch.


Sauron is a Tyrannosaurus rex; a curious blending of an old-school, Ray Harryhausen-esque tail dragging behemoth with a Jurassic Park inspired head. His color is a deep orange-yellow with purple stripes running along his back down to his tail. He sports two claws on each of his disproportionately small arms and three-toed claws on each foot. He sports massive jaws built for inflicting a massive amount of damage. He is one of two T. rex characters in the game, the other one being Diablo; the result of palette swapping a common character sprite to inflate the roster, as is common practice in retro arcade fighting games.

Special Moves[]

Move Description Type of Move Press:
Primal Scream Sauron roars and creates a short-range shield around himself; does heavy damage to brain meter. Projectiles pass harmlessly through him. Anti-air Hold 1+3; move joystick Down, Up
Earthquake Stomp Jump on the ground to send your opponent flying toward you, then volley him. Stomp Hold 1+2+4; move joystick Up, Down
Cranium Crusher Sauron leaps head-first into the air. Leaves you vulnerable if you miss. Anti-air Hold 1+4; move joystick Down, Up)
Leaping Bone Bash Pounce on your opponent and bite off some of his flesh. Leaping Attack Hold 2+3; move joystick Down, Up, Down
Stun Roar Fireball-like rings of sound fired from his mouth; does heavy damage to brain meter. Projectile Hold 1+3; move joystick Away, Toward
Air Throw Grab opponent in the air. Unblockable Tap 2+4 when in the air directly above opponent
Neck Throw Sauron bites the opponent in the neck and tosses them across the screen. Unblockable Hold 2+4; move joystick Toward, Away
Chomp a Human Sauron dips his head down and chews up a worshipper. Generic Hold all buttons; move joystick Down, Down, Up


Move Description Type of Move Press:
Carnage Grab your opponent by the throat and shake him up. Finishing Hold all buttons; move joystick Away, Toward, Away, Toward, Away
Flesh Eating Sauron walks over to his fallen opponent and tears into them, eating each piece in disembowelment as he rips it off, disemboweling a fallen opponent. Finishing Hold 1+3 and move joystick Down, Down; then hold all buttons and move joystick Up, Up
Grape Crusher Sauron jumps onto opponent as if he were doing an Earthquake Stomp, squishing them flat! (Version 2.3 only) Finishing Hold all buttons; tap joystick Up, Down, Up, Down, Down


Sauron is the god of Hunger. When released from his sleep of ages by the catastrophe, he soon realized that he must devour human flesh to remain immortal. The hungry hordes of humanity worshipped him, but lived in dread fear of his presence. Many humans soon sought refuge with other rulers of the planet. Sauron had no choice but to defeat the others in order to feast on their followers.

Now that he has devoured most of the land, he sets off in quest of new lands, and new meals...


his name and personality are similar to the dark lord from lord of the rings.

Buddy, another t-rex, from Dinosaur Train, looks similar to him.


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