Shathu, the avatar of light rained down upon Helm's deep like a radiant sun beam of hope and fear. Perched atop his mantle was Gargotan, the slayer of mediocracy, though also known at the time as feshka the feared. Feshka (pronounced Feshka) had a tendecy to "eat the grains" yet leave the stalks throughout the Pazrite century (819 HYP). This angered the Ascending Ones, triggering the War of Pazrite resulting in the destruction of Luntz (Dynasty class of 453). Though destruction and CHAOS was all around, a sappling by the name of Hissup poked her brow through the forest mulch, signaling the comming of Hazueph the 5th. This sparked a lightyear of good harvests, ushering the Shalets of the East to take to the sea upon their pontoons. Nets were cast, fish were caught and all was well. Though benounst to the Shalets, the Chikadors had already set forth through the fields of G'Nor . The people of G'Nor had no choice but to joim the regimen of Talop, leader of the Chikadorites. G'Now, now conquered, was raped of its bountiful fruit and melon. And so ended the Pazrite century, and the Avatars came to be, dying their skin blue in memory of the bold people of G'Nor. -Sources, Feshka (pronounced Feshka). The Chikadors.