Primal Rage Wiki
Vital statistics
Deity of Death, Oblivion, Resurrection, Darkness
Gender Male
Affiliation Destructive
Species Skeletal Dragon
Length unknown
Height 29 feet
Weight unknown
Rage Factor 199.9%
Consumption Rate unknown
Domain The Graveyard
Tribe Color {{{tribe color}}}

Who dares peer into the abyss of pain, fear, hopelessness, and the screaming lunacy of hunger? Then stare into the eyes of Necrosan! From the eternal sea of madness he rises to form armies of primal followers on every planet. His purpose is to feed on every speck of life present on Urth! And then he will find another planet to annihilate, gnawing away its life force limb from limb! Necrosan's terrifying wing stab attack pierces the very heart of fear as the God of Death. He resided within the meteor that came into contact with the Urth. He was unleashed upon the world when he broke free of his prison, and his undead armies descended.

Necrosan was to have appeared in the Graveyard for the final boss battle, but the idea had never come to be and he was replaced with the gauntlet styled final round. A long running rumor is that he is the in the rare last version update to the original Primal rage most arcades, but this has never been confirmed and is unlikely. He was brought in as the final boss of Primal Rage 2.

Primal Rage 2 Ending[]

Having defeated the last of the opposition, Necrosan continues to prepare Urth for the arrival of his alien masters. All across Neo Urth, men and women alike are impregnated with his alien parasites.

His victims live out their final days in agony before maggot-like spawn burst from their guts. The swelling armies of Necroids grow large as they feed upon the human populace.

Strange alien cities are built over the human ones. Humans are but tiny slaves and tasty morsels. One day, a shadow falls over the alien cities, and the Necroids are all swept away, leaving none behind.

The Necroids were grunts in a great galactic war, one which they were losing. The tribal masters fear the return of the Necroids--but not as much as they fear an invasion of the Necroid's powerful enemies.


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