Avatar of Talon
Gender Female
Species Human
Weapon Raptor-Claw
Domain Keena's Cove

Keena is a character debuting in Primal Rage 2 and is the Avatar of Talon.

Primal Rage 2Edit


Weapon: Raptor-Claw
Age: 15


All were surprised when Keena defeated the mighty Necrosan so easily, most of all Keena herself! At only 15 years of age, what will the young girl be capable of when she grows up? After vanquishing Necrosan, Keena considered her training complete, and her elders agreed. They gave her a new mission.... To grow up happily and peacefully free of tyranny--- a right guaranteed to all young girls by Keena herself! At age 18, Keena took her seat as the head of the elders becoming the youngest and as well as the first woman elected as an elder. Her natural beauty and sense of humor made her one of the most popular elders ever to preside.


Keena is a teenage girl with a tanned complexion and dark-colored eyes. Her black hair is tied into the back. She wears also wears dark-colored lipstick.

Her attire consists of a dark salmon two piece bikini with a headband on her forehead, fingerless gloves reaching her elbows, a neck band covering her collarbones, bands on her upper arms, thigh-length boots, and a strap on her right thigh. Three stripe tattoos akin to claw scratch marks cover both of her hips and she wears a beaded necklace outside of her neck band. She wears a very similar belt on her waist.


Special MovesEdit


Suicide Fatality: Head Skewer — Keena brings a fist to her lower chin before her claws extend and vertically stab through her entire head. She screams in agony before crumpling to the ground, dead.

Victory QuotesEdit

  • "Ugh! There's blood on my claws--- your blood!"
  • "Youth and beauty wins every time."
  • "I'm still training you know."
  • "See? You can be pretty and still win ugly."
  • "I can barely stay sharp with such dull competition."
  • "Hey look! My claws are still clean!"



  • Confirmed by Urth Rage; Keena's beta name is "Tania," as her files in PM2 have been given this name.