Avatar of Blizzard
Gender Male
Species Human
Weapon Dragon's Tooth
Domain Blizzard's Haven

Kaze is a character debuting in Primal Rage 2 and is the Avatar of Blizzard.

Primal Rage 2Edit


Weapon: Dragon's Tooth
Age: 27

Kaze is the quiet leader of Blizzard's tribe.

Blizzard has blessed Kaze's mystical blade with the ability to freeze his foes as reward for his devout service.


Having defeated Necrosan, Kaze returns to his peaceful meditation. His followers are in awe of this living testament to the power and strength of the human will. Pestered by his worldly fame, Kaze disappears from his home one day, leaving his most prized possession: his mystical ice blade. Each year, the winter's wind whispers the rough Blizzard Canyon of his disappearance sounding like a thousand followers chanting his mantra: Kaze, Kaze, Kaze. And each year on that day, his mystical sword disappears from its final resting place beneath a clear crystalline ice monument in Kaze's honor, and reappears just as mysteriously, the very next day.


Kaze is a young man who appears to be of Asian descent. His eyes are dark in color (Presumably dark brown or plain black) with his long black hair tied into a ponytail in the back.

On his upper body he wears a pale blue gi-esque garment with brown lining and a brown belt tying it to his waist. On each side of the garment's chest area are two brown medallions. On his lower body he wears white pants and armored brown boots reaching just below his knees. He wears a dark brown necklace on his neck with matching studded wristbands on his wrists.

Victory QuotesEdit

  • "You nearly broke my concentration."
  • "You're more of a 'Frozen One' than a Chosen One."
  • "Go meditate on your failure."
  • "You must make your attacks flow."
  • "Ice, ice, baby!"
  • "Walk the eightfold path, my friend."
  • "See reality as it is."
  • "Transient are conditioned things."
  • "Observe the interdependence of all phenomena."
  • "When this is, that is. This ceasing, that ceases."
  • "What is the sound of a 20 hit combo?"
  • "Mere suffering exists, but no sufferer is found."


Special MovesEdit


Ice Sculpture — Using his Dragon's Tooth, Kaze freezes his opponent solid and carves them into an ice sculpture. So far the sculptures he's known to make varies between an attractive woman and a swan. It is possible that there are more options but this has not been confirmed as of yet.

Suicide Fatality: Hara Kiri — Kaze steps forward and swing his Dragon's Tooth before telekinetically pointing it towards his midsection. He the grabs it by the blade with his bare hands and lunges it straight into his stomach all the way through to his back. Shedding blood he cries in pain before crumpling to the ground and dying.


  • Confirmed by Urth Rage; Kaze's beta name is "Ronin," as his files in PM2 have been given this name.