Primal Rage Wiki
Vital statistics
Deity of Decay, Evolution, Witchcraft
Gender Male
Affiliation Destructive
Species "Kong"
Length N/A
Height 17 feet
Weight 1.1 tons
Rage Factor +181.4%
Consumption Rate 634 lbs. per day
Domain The Ruins
Tribe Color Yellow
Dull Yellow

In his quest for control and domination over the world, Chaos has become his own worst nightmare. Right after the Cataclysms, he existed as a renegade scientist who coveted Blizzard's powers and wanted to take control of the new Urth. But his desire to dictate the process of human evolution proved to be his undoing when he conducted a genetic experiment that went horribly wrong. Instead, he was turned into a disgusting beast. Now he must do battle with and eliminate the other dino-beasts. Many of his special moves consist of bodily functions.


Chaos is identified on his action figure's character profile as a "Kong",  a gorilla-like creature. He has sickly pinkish to clay brown hair and grayish skin. His ape-like appearance is the horrific result of an evolution spell gone wrong.

Special Moves[]

Move Description Type of Move Press:
Grab-'n'-Throw Grabs opponent by the neck and tosses them to the ground. Unblockable Hold 2+4; move joystick Toward, Away
Power Puke (Slow) Chaos pukes a blob of green vomit. Projectile Hold 2+3; move joystick Up-Toward
Power Puke (Fast) This move is much easier to finish combos with than the Slow Power Puke. Projectile Hold 1+4; move joystick Up-Toward
Fart of Fury Chaos sticks his butt up and ejects a poisonous, slow-moving green cloud which

stuns the opponent briefly. Unlike other projectiles, the cloud will disappear after slowly traveling a single screen length.

Projectile Hold 2+3; move joystick Down-Toward-Up-Away
Ground Shaker Chaos jumps and lands, creating an earthquake which tends to throw his opponent away from him. Stomp Hold 2+3; move joystick Away, AwayUp, AwayDown
Flying Butt Slam Jumps and lands on opponent with his butt. Hold joystick toward or away to determine which way he bounces off. Leaping Attack Hold 2+4; move joystick Down-Toward-Up-UpToward-DownToward
Battering Ram Chaos puts his shoulder out and charges. He can volley his opponent if it hits. Ranged Hold 1+3; move joystick Toward, Toward
Chomp a Human Chaos scrapes his hand along the ground, grabs a worshipper, gobbles him/her, and spits out the bones. Generic Hold all buttons; move joystick Toward-Down-Away-Up


Move Description Type of Move Press:
Golden Shower Chaos raises a leg and urinates on the opponent; the acid eats all the way to the bone. Finishing Hold 1+3 and move joystick Down, Down; then hold all buttons and move joystick Away, Toward, Away, Toward
Cannonball Chaos does a cannonball jump into the water, lethally poisoning the water supply. Can only be performed on stages with water. Finishing Hold all buttons; move joystick AwayDown, UpToward-DownToward-AwayDown
Da Churl Chaos does an extremely slow Power Puke and walks off the edge of the screen, emerging on the other side to suck the puke back in! Presumably, this grosses his opponent to death. (Version 2.3 only) Finishing Hold all buttons; move joystick toward, toward, toward, away, away, away


Chaos was the mightiest witch doctor on the first continent. His greatest wish was to control the evolution of humanity. In his quest for power, he cast a mighty spell which backfired and turned him into a disgusting beast, forced to wallow in his own excrement for eons. During the Cataclysm, Chaos prayed to Throshti, God of Carrion, for release. However, to restore his greatness, he had to defeat all of his enemies.

Now, his task completed, he regains control of his life and leads his tribe to greatness. One day, though, his people will be threatened, and he will have to pursue power again...


  • His fatalities, most notably the Golden Shower, drew condemnation from parents and is considered by some his most revolting move.


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