Non-Canon gods are a list of gods created by longtime fans of the Primal Rage franchise. Many fans have speculated and ran with the idea of what this game would have been like if it became as popular as Mortal Kombat. Revivals have been attempted and some ideas can be found here:

The above link introduces new Virtuous and Destructive Beasts. Some of the ideas overlap with the non-canon creatures listed on this site, but the above link illustrates just how devoted fans have been to this franchise. For the Virtuous Beasts you have Tsunarus, Armadon, Blizzard, Sauron, Talon, Slashfang, Crater, Siren, and Astreal. For the Destructive Beasts you have Necrosan, Diablo, Vertigo, Chaos, Primeval, Stegodon, Sting, Onyx, and Gar.

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