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Vital statistics
Deity of Goodness, Nobility, Wisdom, Virtue, Ice
Gender Male
Affiliation Virtuous
Species "Kong"
Length N/A
Height 20 feet
Weight 1.8 tons
Rage Factor +153%
Consumption Rate 715 lbs. per day
Domain The Cliff
Tribe Color Blue
Deep Blue

Blizzard is a playable character in the Primal Rage series. He is a Virtuous beast and the face of the first game.


In order for life to continue its natural progression, a delicate balance must be struck. This is the atmosphere that Blizzard has fought for millions of years to maintain. Enraged by the massive destruction he saw when he emerged from his primal slumber, Blizzard has embarked on a relentless execution mission. As guardian of natural evolution, Blizzard is determined to return Urth to its former state. As the leader of the Virtuous Beasts, Blizzard battles to return the balance to the Urth, even if it means destroying each and every dino-beast in the process!


Blizzard is a large Yeti-like creature, referred to on his action figure's character profile as a "Kong". His skin is ice-blue in color, with silvery brown hair. He has the ability to create and control ice.

Move Set[]

Special Moves[]

Move Description Type of Move Press:
Mega Punch (Short) Gives your opponent a big bash to the head. This one has a brief wind-up, short range, and little recovery time. Ranged Hold 1+3; move joystick Away, Toward
Mega Punch (Long) This has the same wind-up and recovery time as the Short Mega Punch, and the longest range. Anti-air Hold 2+4; move joystick Away, Toward
Quick Mega Punch This punch has the fastest wind-up, medium range, and the longest recovery time. Ranged Hold all buttons; move joystick Away, Toward
False Punch Blizzard winds up, but doesn't actually punch! Does not hit or damage opponent. Projectiles or attacks to his upper body will pass harmlessly through him during the windup. Anti-projectile Hold 1+3; move joystick Down, Up
Freeze Breath Chill your opponent out with a blast of icy cold breath, immobilizing him for a brief time. Projectile Hold 1+2+4; move joystick Away, Toward
Ice Geyser Blizzard creates a column of ice, inflicting damage and freezing the opponent as per his Freeze Breath. Anti-air Hold 1+2+4; move joystick Down, Up
Punching Bag Grab and stun your opponent until he shakes out of it. Hit button 1 four or five times to beat the enemy up, then before his brain meter regenerates and he escapes your grasp, tap another button to deliver the wind-up punch. Unblockable Hold 1+4; move joystick Toward-Down-Away-Up
Air Throw Grab opponent in the air. Useful in combo moves. Unblockable Tap 2+3 when in the air directly above opponent
Slam-Fling Blizzard appears to do a hop-jump backward and air-throw his opponent, even though this is a ground-based move. Unblockable Hold 2+3; move joystick Away-Up-Toward
Chomp a Human Blizzard scrapes his hand along the ground, grabs a worshipper, gobbles him/her, and spits out the bones. Generic Hold all buttons; roll joystick Away-Up-Toward-Down


Move Description Type of Move Press:
Brain Bash Blizzard pounds the opponent into the ground and literally punches their brain out! Finishing Hold 1+2+4; move joystick Down, Down-Away-Up-Toward
To-Da-Moon Blizzard does the punching bag, winds up, and knocks his opponent into the air and into the background! Finishing Hold all buttons; move joystick Down, Down, Down, Down, Up
Redemption Sends the opponent's soul to heaven, leaving only the skeleton. (Version 2.3 only) Finishing Hold all buttons; move joystick Down, Toward, Up, Down, Up


Primal Rage[]

Blizzard is a noble god, the essence of the animal spirit. Frozen for millennia at the heart of an immense glacier in the Himalayas, Blizzard was released when the Urth met the great meteor. He lived high in the mountains, descending only when threatened, and with his animal power and age-old wisdom, he was unstoppable.

With no threats remaining, he returns to his mountain retreat. One day, though, a new force will invade his land from across the endless ocean...

Primal Rage II[]

With Necrosan destroyed, Blizzard can finally complete his task of freeing the old yeti ancients from their frozen imprisonment. He travels to the north and south poles to speed the expansion of the polar caps. Icy glaciers advance down the continents, covering New Chicago and London under miles of ice.

The weight of the polar caps causes the Urth to wobble off its axis. The Urth tilts until the polar caps come to rest at the equator. In time, the polar caps melt. Beneath Antarctica, is the lost continent of Atlantis.

The great Ancient Yetis are thawed from their frozen prisons and rule Neo Urth with ancient technologies of Atlantis.


  • Blizzard's powers are ice.
  • It is learned that he has another ape rival, Chaos.


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