Primal Rage Wiki

A powerful wizard of great strength, wisdom, and foresight, Balsafas hails from another dimension from our own. Millions of years ago, during the Mesozoic Wars, he looked upon our dimension and saw that the wars of the Draconians may one day present a threat to the rest of the Galaxy. Crossing the divide, he made his move to intervene.

Though possessed of incredible strength, he was not capable of slaying a God directly. However, he had a plan nonetheless. In a great magical battle to rock the ages, he engaged the foul sorceress Vertigo, Goddess of Insanity. With spell and counterspell the battle raged on, both pitched and brutal on both sides, until at last, the battlefield scarred by the might unleashed by the two great powers who had clashed there, Balsafas brought Vertigo to her knees.

This was his chance. Balsafas banished Vertigo to the Moon, and feverishly worked on a project that would end the war, he hoped, forever. The sudden imbalance caused by this created massive catastrophes that culminated in a massive explosion that blanketed the Earth in volcanic ash, killing off most of the living things on Earth.

However, Balsafas succeeded - his Bonds of Forbidding had been cast, and the Draconians were sealed.

Or so he at first thought - until he was visited by a terrible vision: he saw that, someday, in a great Cataclysm, the Gods would once more be unleashed, that they would wage their wars once again in an endless cycle of fighting.

In despair, now knowing that his great efforts were futile, he prayed that he be granted peace. It is not known what happened to him after this, though it is assumed he passed away sometime in the intervening 65 million years.