Vital statistics
Deity of Life, Meditation, Telepathy, Thunder
Gender Male
Affiliation Virtuous
Species Chasmosaurus
Length 27 feet
Height 17 feet
Weight 2.25 tons
Rage Factor +121%
Consumption Rate 570 lbs. per day
Domain The Hollows
Tribe Color Light Green
Dark Green

Guardian of the delicate and fragile ecological balance, Armadon was the last of the dino-beasts to emerge from his subterranean confines. Connected with Urth's life force and energy flow, Armadon ascended to save the planet from the dino-beasts who want ultimate control over it. Ironically, the battle for power raging among the beasts has caused a nearly irreversible terminal imbalance on the planet they are fighting to rule. Unable to tolerate the titans' destruction of the planet, Armadon's mission is to put an end to the battle for supremacy and the immense devastation caused by it.


Armadon's body resembles that of a ceratopsian dinosaur. He is tan and brown scaled, with brown rings around his four-toed limbs. A bony Triceratops crest is behind his head, and retractable spines run along his back. He sports an Ankylosaur tail which can fire spikes as projectiles.

Special MovesEdit

Move Description Type of Move Press:
Bed-o'-Nails Armadon balls up like a porcupine with spikes sticking out; keep holding the buttons to make it last longer. Projectiles will pass harmlessly over him. Anti-air Hold 2+3; move joystick Down, Up
Iron Maiden Jumps into the air and turns his back downward and lands on his opponent! Leaping Attack Hold 2+3; move joystick Away-Up-Toward
Rushing Uppercut Armadon takes five steps and then does an uppercut with his horn. On version 2.3, Armadon can volley his opponent after the move hits. Anti-air Hold 1+3; move joystick Away-Down-Toward
Gut Gouger Impales and tosses the opponent with his horn. Unblockable Hold 1+2+3; move joystick Toward, Away
Hornication Uppercut Armadon does a jumping nose spike. Anti-air Hold 1+2+3; move joystick DownToward-Toward-UpToward
Spinning Death Armadon rolls himself up into a ball and spins across the screen like a buzzsaw. Anti-air Hold 1+4; move joystick Away, Toward-Down
Flying Spikes Armadon shoots spikes from his tail. Projectile Hold 2+4; move joystick Away-Up
Chomp a Human Armadon brings his tail over his head and uses it to snatch a sacrifice, proving that he's not purely herbivorous. Generic Hold all buttons; move joystick Up-Toward-Down


Move Description Type of Move Press:
Gut Fling Armadon digs his horn & beak into the opponent and slings their blood 'n' guts around. Finishing Hold 1+2+3; move joystick Down, Down, Down, Down, Up
Meditation Armadon curls up and creates electricity that zaps your opponent. Finishing Hold all buttons; tap joystick Toward, Down, Away, Toward, Toward
Impaler Armadon curls up and shoots several spikes up into the air, which land on his opponent, skewering him or her. (Version 2.3 only) Finishing Hold all buttons; tap joystick Down, Away, Up, Down


For over a million years, Armadon had lived peacefully in his cave beneath the Earth's crust, telepathically linked to the biomass. The Cataclysms and the battles for supremacy over the changing planet tortured him, so he rose up to settle things once and for all.

Now that the threat has passed, he settles down into the ground to enjoy some well deserved rest. The land is scarred, but calm. At least for now...

Primal Rage 2 Ending Edit

Ah! Finally with Necrosan defeated, Armadon can get some well-needed rest. He retires to the crystal caverns to sleep and revitalize himself.

He dreams of a distant time long past.

It was a time before the arrival of other Dinosaur Gods, when Armadon alone ruled the Urth.